Two Weeks to Go and We’re Still Winging It

There is a good chance that we may not come home once we’re in Japan.

At the time of this post, there’s literally 12 days before we leave the city of Montreal, and we have no idea what we’re going to do once we’re at our destination. In fact, we’re not entirely sure how to get back with our current itinerary.

The current idea is to spend a night in Tokyo once we land and then fly to Fukuoka (I think) on a cheap flight the next morning. There, we plan to rent a car and drive back to Tokyo, spending the night in a major city every few stops and somehow try to catch a glimpse of that city’s offerings. That’s about 1100 kilometers (685 miles) to drive in 11 days. None of us have any experience driving on the opposite side of the road. In fact, none one of us has an international driver’s license right now.

We also have no idea what to do in every city we stop at. Sure, we know all about Hiroshima, Tokyo’s capsule hotels and umm… yeah, we’re going to end up winging this trip. Hopefully by next week, we’ll have a set itinerary to follow.

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