Three Dudes, a Hotel Room, Facebook, Skype at 3 AM

Our first night in Japan resulted in us trying various drinks that shouldn’t have been made, booking our hotel room at the Hilton hotel nearby Narita airport (15 minutes before checking in, thanks to the data connection)¬†setting up the wireless connection and then crashing hard at 10 PM. At about 2 AM, we woke up to the sound of Thundergod tapping away on his laptop. We all heard it because we decided to share a room together for the first night, and I (Fallout) was sleeping next to him. His datacenter seemed to have some trouble, resulting in a bit of downtime for his websites. Crap way to start a trip!

We eventually all woke up at 3:45 AM to Facebook and MSN. None of us could sleep any longer since it was about 2:45 PM Montreal time. We were also looking for cheap flights to Nagasaki airport from Narita, and to pickup a car rental while we land at our destination. From our research, we were going to be paying a premium for a flight if we decided to fly out today, so we decided to postpone our trip to Nagasaki for tomorrow. Instead of paying 39,800 Yen (457$ CAD) we’re flying for 15,800 Yen (185$ CAD). Thundergod receives the credit here for finding this “last-minute” deal.

Looks like we’re spending some time in Tokyo tonight!

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