Hiroshima Castle, Memorial Park and Shopping District

The Hiroshima A-Bomb DomeWe visited the Hiroshima Memorial Park, the A-Bomb Dome, the Hiroshima Castle and the shopping district today. Hiroshima, of course, is known for the atomic bomb drop. The A-Bomb Dome is where the bomb was detonated overhead. As you can see, it is still standing because it went through two preservation projects. Also, since the bomb was detonated on top of it, it wasn’t destroyed directly by the blast of the nuclear explosion, but by the fires caused by it.

Ice CreamThe Hiroshima Castle was a nice visit too. While the majority of the castle was destroyed by the atomic bomb, a few buildings still remained (after heavy restoration processes). At the end of the tour, Thundergod came across an amazing treat that is indescribable. Think of it as ice cream enwrapped in a cone, but the whole thing is rectangular. It tasted really good too, and there was no ice cream mess (e.g. leaks while eating through the cone). Just check the picture out to get an understanding of what we’re talking about.

I (Fallout) had a a drink called Pocari Sweat, which sounds pretty gross, but it’s really not that bad. It’s basically a type of energy drink that replenishes electrolytes and other cool things that I dont know about. It tastes fairly sweet and reminds me of some light Gatorade taste. Every vending machine out there seems to carry it.

Lunch at Hiroshima

For lunch, we decided to try out a random Japanese restaurant. We wish we had written down what we had ordered, because we can’t remember. However, we do have pictures for you all to get an idea of what we ate. The food was overall delicious, except Thundergod wasn’t too keen on his bowl.

Once we finished lunch, there was a little bar right across the restaurant. We decided to have a beer before leaving Hiroshima and off to Naruto.

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