The Mount Fuji Driving Experience

After about 500 kilometers of driving and getting lost because our car GPS didn’t know where we were, we ended up on a mountain that was a joy to drive on. This mountain was Mount Fuji, and the team at Japanigans believe that this is where drifters have their fun. It was pitch black while going up the mountain to our hotel, and we weren’t too sure where we were. This didn’t matter as the drive up was an incredible experience.

After about an hour of going up the hill and coming close to an accident with another car, we arrived at Hotel Daihakone. We were dead tired from driving 500 kilometers from Osaka, but it was well worth it. We’re at some spiffy golf resort right now with a huge room that overlooks the courses.

Today, we have several ideas: play golf, check out the race track, spas & hot springs or drive around on the mountain again. We’ll let you all know what we end up doing!

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