Super Autobacs, Tokyu Hands and Shibuya Drinking

We visited the Super Autobacs shop in the Koto district, where thousands of car parts, modifications, upgrades and miscellaneous products are sold. It’s a car fanatics dream come true. You will practically find everything imaginable: exhausts, window tints, air fresheners, sound systems, badges, engine mods, wheels, brakes, paint and the kitchen sink. We spent close to an hour in the store, just browsing through the aisles. Hinjew and Fallout both purchased a unique air freshener for their cars, a distinct smell that was not available anywhere else, called “natural squash”.

After Super Autobacs, we took the subway back to Shibuya and stopped by a MOS Burger. We’ve never heard of this restaurant outside of Japan before, so we’d like to think it’s a rare joint that serves burgers. The food was pretty good to say the least.

Afterwards, we went to Tokyu Hands in the Shibuya district, the flagship store that has seven floors of unique products that one cannot find outside of Japan. Items such as toys, games, arts & crafts, models, costumes, paint, luggage, novelty, furniture, pet supplies, drawing, lighting, do-it-yourself kits and other goods can be found at Tokyu Hands. There was something for everyone. I think we spent another hour or two in the store, going up every floor to see what kind of products one could buy. We wish there was a store like this back home!

Finally, to end our day on a good note, we went to a bar in Shibuya district called Kirin-City. We had a few drinks after a long day of walking and (window) shopping.

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