Japanese Wall Outlets

The team at Japanigans love their gadgets, from cameras to computers to phones.  It’s very important for us to charge our equipment as we’ll be taking quite a few pictures throughout the day. Also, we’ll be using our laptops constantly to upload the photographs while on the road via a tethered mobile phone. All these gadgets need power, and we need to be able to charge the batteries often while we sleep at night in our hotel rooms. Taking a quick glance at Wikipedia, it’s good to know that Japan uses the same wall outlets as Canadians and Americans when it comes to the plug. The only difference, however, is the outlets run at 100 volts and switches 50/60hz as opposed to 120 volts and a constant 60 hz in USA and Canada. Most of the equipment we have can auto-switch to the appropriate voltage and frequency. If we come across equipment that does not support the different voltages, a simple power travel kit can take care of the job. I think with the amount of equipment that we’ll be bringing with us, we’re going to need a separate power grid just for our hotel rooms.

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