How to Get Internet Access in Japan: Our Mobile Data Plan Connection

After Google-ing for telecommunication companies in Japan (top 3 are Softbank, NTT Docomo and eMobile) we have decided what to do for our mobile data-craving needs. We’re going to purchase a Softbank C01LC USB stick and plug it into a¬†CradlePoint CTR500 (199$ USD) mobile wireless broadband router. The router allows us to split the mobile data connection among our wifi devices (laptops, phones, cameras, etc). Softbank has a booth at Narita airport, so we can pick the stick up while we leave the airport after landing.

The data plan itself is going to cost us roughly 50 to 75$ CDN. Financially, it makes sense to go with a prepaid unlimited data plan, even though we’re going to be in Japan for only 11 days. Paying for wifi access in hotel rooms is most likely going to cost us 20$ per day. Having a mobile data connection will also allow us to make cheap phone calls back home using Skype. People can also contact us easily since we’re going to be forwarding our 514 number to our Skype number.

The hooligans that run this site, known as the Japanigans team, can now survive 11 days of being away from their 100 mbit fiber optic connections and satisfy their internet needs (and help us update this site) while we’re on the road.

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