Update on the Mobile Broadband Router

I previously mentioned that we had bought the CTR500 mobile broadband router by CradlePoint. We have decided to purchase a different mobile router as the CTR500 was lacking one key feature: a battery. The new model we recommend is the PHS300 where the PHS stands for “Personal Hot Spot” and it goes for 150$ USD. The only difference between the CTR500 and the PHS300 is a battery, an ExpressCard slot and a LAN port. I had the opportunity to play with both devices (minus a USB data card) and I have to admit, they are comparable and very easy to use. The administration panel of the routers are similar to D-Link’s models, so finding my way around the admin panels was quick. I have no idea what the battery life is like on the PHS300, but reading some forums on the web tell me it’s not that bad. Once we manage to test the router out, we’ll post our results and experiences on the site.

One thing I highly recommend for everyone who purchases these mobile routers is to update the firmware on them before they leave on their trip.

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