We Almost Missed Our Flight

Enjoying our time in the Maple Leaf Lounge at Pearson Airport, we didn’t exactly want to leave so soon as the free food and drinks were working wonders on us. It was roughly 12:30 PM at the time. Our flight to Tokyo was at 1:15 PM, so we figured we had enough time to hit the currency exchange kiosk before boarding.

Thundergod has been hung-over since this morning and hasn’t had the chance to sleep. He finally woke up and decided to grab a bite to eat before leaving for the gate.

At the exchange kiosk, the woman was counting our money until an Air Canada flight director came up to this and asked, “Are you guys going to Tokyo?”

“Yes we are” we heartily replied.

“Good, because you guys are the last 3 people to board the flight. We were about to remove your luggage off the plane if we didn’t find you in the next 5 minutes.”

Fallout said “but it’s only 1 PM, you guys can’t leave yet.”

Even though there were a good fifteen minutes until the flight took off, we didn’t exactly calculate the fact that they might close the entry doors sooner.

“Ok, we’re almost done exchanging our dollars”.

The flight director, a bit ticked off, replies, “Umm, do you guys want Japanese Yen or to go to Japan? We need you guys on the plane right now.”

Hinjew had to stop the woman from counting his money and run to the gate, or else we were not going to be able to board. In any case, the gate was right next to the kiosk, so a two-minute walk led us to our seats on the plane.

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