On our way to Fukuoka

There is a recurring pattern when Thundergod, Hinjew and Fallout fly. We’re always boarding twenty minutes before the plane leaves. Luckily for us, we haven’t missed a flight yet.

We left Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka an hour and half before our flight. We took a taxi to Haneda airport, which cost us about 7500 Yen. Once there, a good ten-minute walk led us to the Skymark check-in counters. The lady, who spoke a bit of English, was nice enough to let our luggage go through without any penalties, since they were overweight for the flight. Thundergod thought that they let us through because it would be too difficult for them to explain the costs involved for having heavy luggage.

Once we went through the security checkpoint, we walked to the gate and boarded the flight immediately. In about two hours, we’re going to be landing at Fukuoka airport and picking up our Toyota Mark X to drive back to Tokyo.

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