A little walk around Central Tokyo

After a great breakfast at Grand Prince Hotel, we had some time to kill before leaving for Haneda airport. We decided to go for a little stroll around Central Tokyo to get a small taste of Akasaka. As we walked out of our hotel, the sky suddenly opened up and the sun came through. For the first time since we landed, the weather was in our favour.

After fifteen minutes of walking, we came across a 7-11. We decided to purchase some drinks: Thundergod and Fallout had some beer (an Ahari and Sapporo respectively) while Hinjew went for the Pocari Sweat. The latter is an actual drink that, while sounding gross, it is a lightly sweet sports drink to replenish needed amino acids and whatnot for your body.

We walked for about an hour and managed to experience very little of what Tokyo has to offer. Everything is so densely packed; we can’t imagine how people live next to each other so close. There is little space in Tokyo, yet the city still manages to shove a vending machine around every corner. Also, everything is so clean and organized, unlike Montreal’s filthy sidewalks. The roads are in pristine condition (the asphalt is so smooth) and the overhead highways are made in steel, not concrete.

Finally, we came back to our hotel room and relaxed for a bit. We finished packing our bags and went downstairs to call a taxi. Now, it is time to head to Fukuoka to see the other side of Japan.

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