Tokyo needs restaurants that close late (or never)

Thank God for room service.

It’s 10 PM Japan Standard Time and there are no restaurants that close late, or do not close at all. Hinjew, Thundergod and myself (Fallout) are starving to death, and there is nothing open or close enough to our hotel. We don’t want to take the subway right now because, a) it would take us longer to get food, and b) we’re too lazy to go anywhere far. There may be places out there that serve food late, but we couldn’t find one online, and our hotel concierge is asleep.

Fortunately, at desperate times like these, hotel room service can (and might) save the day. A few seconds ago, we just placed an order for some food via a telephone call. The prices on the room service menu were actually decent. We’re just hoping the food is edible.

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