The LUXE City Guide Just Came In

Luxe City Guide - Tokyo EditionWow, UPS is crazy fast. It took only 48 hours for the travel book to arrive from Hong Kong. I was only talking about the LUXE city guide just yesterday even, and here it is. I can’t believe how much faster stuff arrives from the other side of the world compared to ordering from the States. Okay, well, I did pay 25$ for the shipping… so this type of service was to be expected I guess. Nevertheless, I love receiving stuff  sooner than expected.

The book is mainly about the city of Tokyo and its happenings. Our current itinerary allows us a full four days to spend in Tokyo at the end of our trip. An alternative itinerary would be to spend a full 11 days in Tokyo and have an excursion or two to Kyoto, Nagasaki or Hiroshima by car (or bullet train).

I have yet to read the guide as I’m currently at work, but I will be doing so later tonight once I get home. For now, you guys can glimpse at the cover on the left.

UPDATE: it might be less expensive to purchase it from Amazon.

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